Qik URL Anonymizer

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Qik URL Anonymizer prevents your website or previously visited website from appearing in the server logs of the destination page as the referrer. The owner of the destination page will not be able see your true referrer, thus preventing the destination page from tracking your referrer. As dereferrer also known as a link anonymizer our website is placed between the link source and the link target with the purpose of forwarding users to the new page. The goal is to obscure the referencing website’s URL and therefore prevent the possibility of a trace.

How to use Qik URL Anonymizer

There are several ways you can use Qik URL Anonymizer:

  1. Simply use the form above to convert individual links
  2. Add https://qik.cc/? at the beginning of your existing link (Ex: https://qik.cc/?http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.co.uk)
  3. Add our full page script on your website to anonymize all of the external links on your site with ease.

What is a referrer?

The last website accessed by a browser prior to loading a particular web page which is also used to identify sources of traffic. "Most of the referrers for my website come from search engines or social media websites" For more information be sure check out Wikipedia